Friday, October 8, 2010

The Love List, An Ode to Mr. Alpha Male

I love to crawl into the warm Him shaped indention in the sheets in the early morning after he leaves for work.  That last 20 minutes is the best sleep I get all night.
I love it when he inserts my name into songs while he sings along with the radio in the car, off key and loud.  It makes me smile.
I love to listen to him read to our son at night, patiently reading the same Curious George story over and over and over.
I love that the first time he told me he loved me was by accident at the end of a phone call; and he still ends every phone call that way.
I love that we’ve broken each other’s hearts into a million pieces and mended them back again, stronger than before.
I love that he orders for me when we eat out, not because he’s controlling, but because he knows me that well.
I love that he does dirty, ugly things every day that he doesn’t want to do; but he does them anyway for the survival of our family.
I love it when he bakes bread in the middle of the night because he felt like eating some bread; and brings me some bread because he thought I might like eating some bread too.
I love that he dreams with me and supports me in my dreams, no matter how crazy they may sound.
I love to be held in his powerful arms, it makes me feel small, and fragile, and stronger than I am alone.
I love that he always offers to say the blessing before a nice meal, and he taught our son to say “Amen.”
I love it when he plays with my hair when I can’t sleep, while I talk nonstop and he pretends to listen.
I love to watch him chop fire wood, sweat glistening off thick muscles, wood splintering into the air, sunlight glinting off the smooth steel of the ax, all while I sip lemonade in the shade.
I love that he obsessively irons his clothes, even when on vacation.  It makes me laugh at my wrinkles.
I love to listen to him talk eloquently and passionately about zombies and politics and society and plans for our back yard makeover.  It reminds me of how intelligent and completely insane he is.
I love that we have entire conversations in movie quotes, and we know exactly what we’re saying.
I love that he took me rock climbing on our first date, even though I barely remember the rock we were climbing, that day will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life.
I love the beautifully ugly cake he baked me for my birthday.  The words on top looked like a child wrote them and I could taste the love he poured into it in every delicious bite.
I love that he never lets me say, “I can’t.”  And when I do, he gives me his half-time pep talk that always involves digging deeper for a larger set of balls, guts and glory. 
And, I love the beautiful future we’re going to have together when we finally run away from all responsibility, live in a thatched roof cottage, and become sheep herders.


Heather Molloy said...

Lovely. He's your hero! I've always liked the saying that rather than look for Mr. Perfect, look for Mr. Perfect For You.

I may create my own love letter ... and pull it out whenever the hubs is in the dog house. :)

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