Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Writer's Thanksgivings

I am immensely thankful for all the things people normally think of:  my family, friends, faith, health, home, and job.  I’m sure I’m forgetting something (because I usually do), but those are the biggies that I give thanks for every day.  However, this Thanksgiving I am also thankful for things most “normal” people don’t consider.   By normal I mean people that aren’t writers … not that writers aren’t normal.   Okay, mostly normal.
I am thankful for the people, taking up residence in my head, who talk to me on a daily basis.  I am never bored and rarely lonely because they always have something to say and are eager to say it. 
I’m glad I get to experience all these budding romantic relationships, first hand, even though they don’t include me.  It’s like the ultimate fly-on-the-wall scenario.
I appreciate that I can gain insight into my life from the mistakes of fictitious people without having to go through all the angst and drama that they do.
I’m thankful (and, I admit, a little proud) that I know things like how to spell a lot, of course, and separate, and I know when to use you’re or your, they’re or their, and it’s or its. I do stumble over grammar more than a lot of writers, but not nearly as much as the average person.
Most importantly, I am grateful for all of the friendships I’ve made with other writers.  Be they online and abroad or in my local writing chapter, I’ve met some amazing people that have forever influenced the way I see writing and the world.
What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all,


Sandra said...

I miss Thanksgiving! I wish I could be there. <3

Elizabeth Michels said...

I'm thankful for my family this Thanksgiving. They drive me to the point of insanity and therefore give me plenty of writing material.

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