Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Forward

The countdown is on.  2012 draws nigh and with it, new resolutions and a new start.  However, this New Year’s Eve isn’t just about a shiny new 2012; it’s about bidding adieu to tired, old 2011.
Not that I don’t have a million things to be thankful for in the last 365 days.  I do, and I am.  However, have you ever had one of those years that kicked you square in the a**?   Yes?  Well that was 2011 for me.  There was no major loss or anything tragic (though I’ve had those years too), but this year was like dealing with a cantankerous old man.  Everything was an uphill battle.  There was either lots of cajoling, militant convincing, or arguing to make a point.  Whether it was buying a refrigerator, finding child care, or making dinner plans – nothing was easy.  I’ve decided the planets were out of alignment for my sign or something.  I don’t necessarily follow the zodiacs, but I do know something funky was up with this year.
Rather than bemoan it though, I look forward to new opportunities, changes, and hope for a better year.  My blog partner feels the same, so we’re welcoming the New Year in style.  Maybe we’ll even post some pictures so we can look back and say, “That was the start of a darn good year.”
It’s hello 2012, buh-bye twenty aught eleven!   Don’t let the door hit ya!



Elizabeth Michels said...

This year cannot end fast enough to suit me. I try not to be negative, but when a year has been crappy I think it's okay to call it crappy. 2011, you have been terrible! I agree, Heather! Let's move forward! 2012 is going to be our year! And it doesn't hurt that we're putting on our fancy shoes and hitting the town to greet it Saturday night. There will be pictures...lots of pictures!

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