Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Goals & Motivation

Most of us start out the new year with lofty goals and resolutions, but by mid-February we've fallen into old habits and chronic malaise/procrastination/laziness.  This goes for our writing goals as well.  I've found a simple solution that ends my moments of lackadaisicalness (yes, that's a word and how awesome is it?!).  It may sound silly to some, but if it works for me, it might work fo you. 

Sure I have the goal of publication, but that alone isn't always tangible enough to make my inner cheerleader shake her pom-poms.  I need something visual, something I can see as a fun reward.  I've discovered
Lanai, Hawaii
More specifically, the Four Seasons Hotel in Lanai, Hawaii.

MOST specifically, this view and Manele Bay in Lanai, Hawaii

This is my visual motivation.  This is my "one day" reward for hard work and success.  The idea of this view, in person, puts me in motion.

I strive to be a published writer, share my characters with people, and hopefully bring them a little joy and a lot of happily ever afters.  If I accomplish this, my reward to myself will be seeing these images in real life. The idea of it; of sitting in a beach chair by the great Pacific Ocean

gets my cheeks in the chair in front of my computer.  I may be ho-hum about where I am in the story that day, but all I have to do is think of watching frolicking dolphins from my balcony and all ho-hums swim away.
In fact, when I get on these motivation kicks, I text E. Michels and get her all riled up with imagery of mimosas with a view and water spritzing by the pool.  Then she's cheering too and we're both writing with renewed spirits.

It's a motivational snow ball effect and it works!  So next time you're dragging your tail, try it.  Pick a reward for yourself, get a visual, and be specific.  See if that doesn't make you shake your tail into action.

Happy Writing!


Elizabeth Michels said...

We will get there! I can't wait to taste Hawaiian french toast at 4am as we celebrate M Shelf style! Now, I must go write...

Darcy Drake said...

There is Hawaiian style French toast? That sounds delicious and exotic. And I cannot wait to get lost in Hawaii and have crazy adventures.... until I call the M Shelf ladies to come and save me.

Heather McGovern said...

They serve their french toast w/ an orchid on the side and three slices of pineapple. ;o)

Darcy, we're going to equip you with a flare gun ,a life jacket, and one of those shell horn things to call for help. That way you're covered regardless of the shenanigans you get into.

Elizabeth Michels said...

I agree with Heather...mostly because I like the idea of Darcy Drake flying to Hawaii with a carry-on bag containing the Horn of Gondor. LOL

Darcy Drake said...

Perfect time for me to be randomly searched by customs!

"Alrighty nyow, miss, let's see hyear... a sarong, ten pairs of Marvel ladies garments, a flare gun, a cucumber, and this funny lookin' horn thingy. What exactly were you planning on gettin' up to?"

Now I really want French Toast with fresh pineapple. Yummy...

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