Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where there's a will there are lots of ways

In the midst of finding and attaining a new job, all the training, and a pick up truck load of personal drama - I've somehow found the time to write the first two chapters (albeit shoddily) of one WIP and plot out another co-authored WIP.  How?  Because I was determined to make it happen. 

I don't blog about this to toot my own horn, but hopefully lend inspiration to other writers.  I was certain that in the midst of April's anarchy, my writing would suffer.  Yes, there were several days of a writer's Sahara, but overall, I got it done.  I eeked out time on my lunch break, made plot notes on my iphone, wrote dialogue on post-its as I sat on hold - you get the idea.  I'm committed to getting this writer gig off the ground and with a full time job and family, it's going to take some ingenuity and improvisation.  Luckily I'm good at improv.  I say this as I pound out a blog post during the last few minutes of my lunch break!  AND as I see they've revamped Blogger.  Hopefully this won't come out as a bunch of code or directions to the nearest rest stop.

My point is, if you're an aspiring writer or any kind of writer, get stuck in!  Don't hesitate to squeeze in writer time the moment it arises.  Don't be scared to step out of the "I need an hour of quiet time and my Yanni CD to focus" box.  If you commit, you'll get results.  It might be results that need some seeeerious editing, but it's something.  Best of luck to you all!


Elizabeth Michels said...

I think all writers struggle with making time to write. A friend said to me a few months ago, "Where do you find the time?" I don't--I make the time. I'm glad in the midst of real life, you're making the time too. So, now I must get back to writing in my one free hour during nap time. But, there will be no Yanni CD. LOL crack me up!

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