Monday, April 1, 2013

It's like paint...on your face.

It’s no secret, I have an addiction. Make-up. More specifically: Eye Make-up. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then I love to play with the shades! I could go into Ulta, MAC, and Target and spend a mint. Do I need any of it? No. Does it make me happy? Yes! Will I keep buying bits and pieces until I run out of room in my bathroom? It’s highly likely! =)

Perhaps it’s because I loved playing dress up as a child. Yeah, I was half tom-boy: running around in the dirt, riding bikes, catching frogs and snakes, but the other half loved Barbie and mom’s costume jewelry. That has translated into a woman who still loves to catch frogs and snakes and run around in the dirt, but now I dress up in my own costume jewelry and play with make-up.
The right eye shadows, liner, foundations, and contouring can give one person dramatically different looks. It’s awesome!

I watch certain shows and covet the hair and make-up. Melissa Gorga’s coloring is night and day from mine, but I still blink in wide eyed make-up envy.

I also love to watch people do their make-up. Not in a judgmental “You’re doing it wrong” way, but because I find it fascinating. Almost soothing. I told you, make-up spaz! But every woman has her own ritual, her own way of styling and that’s how I learn. Once I discovered tutorials on Youtube, I was hooked. I will watch videos of technique the way some people watch sports.
My look isn’t flawless like the professionals, but I sure do enjoy trying. I also enjoy playing with palettes of color for writer conferences and meetings. We're creative folk, so why not paint my face?!
I don’t get to play with dramatic looks often because my job is fairly conservative and my boss might frown if I rocked these looks.

However, next time I break out the Evil Queen or a RockaBilly chick again for Halloween, I’m going big guns!
Okay, enough of my make-up fangirling. Here are a few more of my fave make-up divas (hats off to their artist/stylist) for your viewing pleasure.
Angie. Queen of the Cat eye.

Mila - no one has a better sultry look.
Mila with a mod feel and thick liner

Lana Del Rey because for the longest time I thought she was a model from the 70s...

or 80s.

Don't be surprised if you see a few of my favorite tutorials or Pins show up here in the future. ;-)


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