Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Writers in the Woods

Ask any writer and they'll probably tell you that the best writer moments (other than getting "the call" or writing that particularly spectacular scene/chapter/book or meeting fans if you're lucky enough to have 'em) is getting together with other writers.  We tend to thrive off one another.  It's like the creativity and voices in our heads start to bounce off each other and pretty soon there's randomness ricocheting off every surface.  You can get lucky and catch a great idea or a fix for some issue your having in your story.  At the very least you'll laugh yourself silly at 80% of what you hear. 

That's exactly how I spent most of last week at some lush digs in the mountains.  I came home exhausted and exhilerated and feeling like a little bit of that was home.  We know most people will think we're nuts if we talk about what we're really thinking, so we usually tone it down a few notches.  Not so with our nutter writer friends.  Feel free to let your freak flag fly!  You're among friends!

What about you?  Do you have a particular group that gets you or at least some dimension of your personality?  Maybe you went to some genre convention and for the first time in your life wanted to scream, "MY PEOPLE!"  Whoever you are, I hope you do find your people. I guarantee shenanigans.


Jenifer said...

Hello there, found you from Karma Friday (Novel Publicity), so Happy Karma Sunday! Love this post- great picture! That sounds awesome and probably helps immensely with your writing. I took a look at the novels you have posted about and they look very interesting- would love to read and review them if you are interested! Check out my book blog- also have a new section for writers!

Elizabeth Michels said...

There were shenanigans for sure! I had such a great time with my people...can we go back yet? Great picture of Sydney, Jenna and me by the way! What fun! I love y'all!

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