Monday, September 26, 2011

Moonlight & Magnolias... and Mimosas

The countdown is on.  In less than 72 hours, six VERY giddy writers will set foot in Decatur, Georgia for their first ever Moonlight & Magnolias Conference.  Let's review the To Do list:

Pitch rehearsed within an inch of insanity, check.
Tickets for chocolates and mimosas with Eloisa James & Karen White, check.
Appointments with agents and/or editors for pitching manuscripts, check.
Pitch rehearsed again to push over the edge of sanity, check.
Reservations for dinner afterwards to celebrate completion of first pitching sessions, check.
Workshops picked out, check.
Dress and killer shoes for Maggie Awards dinner, check.
Fabulous outfits and shoes for entire weekend, check check.
Foot numbing spray, Altoids, band-aids, and Tylenol, check.
Reality of it all setting in ... not s'much.  I guess that will happen somewhere between Easley, SC and sipping mimosas with Eloisa. 

Be on the look out for updates!

Slainte! (that's cheers in Irish)
Heather McGovern


Elizabeth Michels said...

Suitcase full of fabulousness...check! 69 hours :)

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