Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Write Image

Only two weeks until Elizabeth Michaels and I take off for our first ever writers' convention - Moonlight and Magnolias (M&M for short)!  To say we're excited is an understatement.  Exhuberant!  Giddy!  Stupid with Joy!!!  Silly with Expectations!!!  We've worked out logistics, supplies, agendas, and outfits.

A few weeks back, several of us got on the topic of a writer's image and how it might differ from our personal image, particularly if we write under a pseudonym.  This turned into a conversation on separating the personal from the penname, professionalism and creativity, developing the writer persona, and inevitably, clothing!  M&M will be the first time Heather McGovern and Elizabeth Michaels mix and mingle with those in the biz outside of our local RWA chapter.  It's important to us to make a professional, fun, and lasting impression.  Both of us know our writer image and how it relates to what we write, thus we went shopping with that in mind. We had a blast!  It's still us, but we get to let the creative side loose.  We get to be a little more eccentric than the usual mom, banker, dinner maker attire.  We get to wear killer heels and bling!!!

So, while we're at M&M, we plan to post about all that happens AND post a picture journal of our outfits with a blurb about what went on that day.  Some say it's shallow to enjoy clothes so much, I say it's fashion!


Darcy Drake said...

Count me in! =D

Elizabeth Michels said...

Oh there will be pictures! ...and I'm sure some blog-worthy stories to tell! I love that picture at the bottom of the post, Heather. I like to think that's us on our way to Moonlight and Magnolias! (If only my legs were that long.) ;)

Heather McGovern said...

We're going to have TOO much fun! I thought the same thing about E.Michaels and McGovgov in that image!(If only my waist was that tiny)

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