Monday, November 7, 2011

My Goodness, My Ireland!

Since EMichels is diligently working on a full for submission and I'm currently knee deep in Nano, the blog posts this month will be predominantly pictorial and purely for fun. 

This week's is gratuitous.  My Nano project is a contemporary and it's taken me away from my paranormal series featuring Celtic themes and some Irish hotties.  Hence, I miss them!  In honor of them (and Irish hotties everywhere), I present Eire's finest:

Actor, Peter O'Toole.  A classic.  And few have baby blues like him.
Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  He made me love to hate Henry the VIII.

Actor, Stuart Townsend.  Ooooozes Vampire Lestat.  Just sayin.

Actor, Colin Farrell.  Love him or hate him, he is the epitome of an Irish rogue.

Michael Fassbender.  Okay, okay so he was born in Germany, but he was RAISED in Killarney!  AND he got to say, "Then we shall fight in the shade."

Rob Kearney, Rugby player.  No cauliflower ear, lots of Forearms & Kneeeeeeeees!

Finally, the entire sport of hurling!  Recently, in a movie with Jason Statham, it was compared to a cross between hockey and murder.  A vicious predecessor to lacrosse.  Only the Irish.  They've been playing it for centuries and the counties take it as seriously as Southerners take their football.


Elizabeth Michels said...

This was the perfect side dish to my quick lunch. Yummy! And I think I'll have to start keeping up with rugby. How did this sport slip by my notice for so long? ...okay back to work. Thanks for posting! I owe you!

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