Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Is Better Than One

We're at the tail end of NaNoWriMo and EMichels is at the five yard line of finishing her manuscript, SO that means two things: 
1)  One more week of pic spam blog posting before we get serious and actually write something. :)
2)  Mimosas will be forthcoming.

First, the pic spam.  The contemporary I'm working on features a few characters in law enforcement.  As I write (and research) their scenes, it has me thinking about all the law enforcement characters I've watched or read about over the years.  There are A LOT.  Once I took a moment to quantify how many crime/police/procedural shows and books I've consumed over the years, it surprised me.  No thanks on the hospital dramas, but obviously I have no issue with crime shows.  What appeals to me most is the crime fighting or case solving duo or team.  Something about the camaraderie and joint goal, along with all the drama and suspense. 

You know I play favorites, so here's a gallery of some faves.  Some are good, some are bad, some are serious, others are funny.  Some are hilarious in the way only the 80s can be.  Enjoy!

Law & Order - old school
Law & Order SVU
Kay Scarpetta & Pete Marino
Rush Hour
Hot Fuzz
Miami Vice

Needs no caption ;o)


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