Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Survive a Writers' Conference in Style: Vol. 4

So far in our series we’ve discussed hair, make up, clothing and touched on how author branding ties into all of these things.  So, I think it’s time we discussed my favorite part of going to a writers’ conference: shoes!  Most people would recommend that you wear comfortable shoes to a conference.  Something like these:

Please, don’t listen to these people.  Comfortable shoes are for wearing to the grocery store on a Saturday afternoon not for a writers’ conference.  Writers, by job description, sit alone at a computer all day.  We don’t have the opportunity to socialize often, so when we do we need to take advantage of that time.  Conferences are for networking with other writers—lots of other writers.  To make the most of your trip the one thing you want to be more than anything is memorable! So be flashy! Match your shoes along with your wardrobe to your writing as McGovy discussed in the last post.  So let’s step out of that comfortable writer zone with something like these:

Or these:

Or even these:

You may be saying, but my feet will hurt! Yes.  Yes, they will.  But that’s what I’m here to help you with today.  I spent 14 years of my life as a ballet dancer.  If there is one thing standing on your toes in ridiculously tight point shoes teaches you, it’s how to deal with aching feet.  

Here are a few of my dancer secrets you can use at your next writers’ conference:

  1.   .  This may seem obvious to some but when you get a pedicure before attending the conference cut your nails back short.  The French manicure you have on your toes may be really cute, but you’ll regret the slight length of it when you’ve been in heels all day.
  2.     .     Stretch in the morning in your hotel room before you put your shoes on.  This will keep you from getting leg cramps.
  3.       Take a tennis ball with you in your suitcase.  At the end of a long day at the conference place the tennis ball under one foot at a time, apply some pressure and use it to stretch out your arch.  It helps—a lot. 
  4.       If you can, slip away to the hot tub area of your hotel for a few minutes.  Soak those toes.  Bring your writer friends and a drink.  You’ll have a great time and your feet will thank you.
  5.       Foot numbing spray! This is the secret to my 6” heel success.  Numbing spray can be purchased at any drug store on the isle with the bandages.  I highly recommend this product.  Spray your feet before you strap on your fabulous shoes in the morning and enjoy numbness all day while you walk around the conference.
  6.       Bring blister bandages.  There’s nothing worse than a nagging blister when you’re wanting to party with your writer friends.  Your feet may be numb all day but that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing damage.  So protect those toes from further injury!

If you follow these simple steps, you too can be memorable at a writers’ conference in your fabulous shoes!  Have fun and don’t trip and fall.  Want to talk shoes? Please comment, I’d love to chat.


Heather McGovern said...

Probably not a surprise that I LOVE the red studded platforms. :D

There's also the option (though it takes some major shopping dedication) of finding glam shoes that are comfortable. I recommend looking at boots, funky wedges, (like I wore last year) OR platforms. People are often shocked to learn that platforms are more comfortable than a basic heel, but the platform raises the ball of your foot so if you have a 1.5 inch platform and a 4 inch heel, it's like wearing a 2.5 inch heel. Toootally doable. #shoemath

I have a bad knee and even I can rock wedges, platforms, and heeled boots for hours with no problems. And the hot tub for the tootsies is eeeexcellent. It's a great way to unwind. I like some bubbly in a glass to go with the bubbles for my toes. :D

Elizabeth Michels said...

So I think it's safe to say the M Shelf ladies can be found with an open bottle of bubbly by the hot tub at Moonlight and Magnolias. If you're looking for us... LOL And McGovy, the red studded shoes were totally for you. :)

Jeanette said...

You are crazy. Your shoes are awesome, but you are crazy.

Can't wait to see you (and your fabulous footwear).

Elizabeth Michels said...

LMAO! You call me crazy now, but you'll want to borrow my foot numbing spray next week at M&M! And, I'll be the one with the goods. :)

*note: even though your combat boots weren't pictured in this post, I totally approve of your shoe choice. They suit you, which is the most important part.

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