Monday, October 1, 2012

How To Survive A Writers' Conference in Style - Volume 5

We are now down to the week OF Moonlight & Magnolias and the giddy sleeplessness has already begun.  For this last volume of How to Survive, we’re going to focus on the packing list. We’re even breaking it down for you in list form so it’s easy to reference. Believe us when we say we used everything on this list last year OR wish we had it. We may have forgotten a few things, so feel free to add in comments. J

The first part of this list could really serve you well at any conference or extended hotel stay, so use at your leisure…

The Conference packing list:

1.    A full sized Coffee pot – because you may get stuck with a teeny tiny 2 cup job in the hotel room and that’s just enough to make you mad.
2.    Filters for the coffee pot – because you don’t want to chew your coffee.
3.    Coffee & fixins – because what the hotel offers usually leaves something to be desired and they probably won’t have Splenda.
4.    Travel coffee mug – you may want your yummy java To Go.
5.    Mints – for coffee breath. Avoid gum. No one looks good chomping gum, no matter how discreet they try to be.
6.    Snacks (ie. Trail mix, Lara bars) – because you’ll get hungry and may not want vending machine crackers
7.    Bottled waters – Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
8.    Champagne – Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!
9.    Hairspray – medium to mega hold. You don’t want to fight your hair. Fix your ‘do so you can focus on the pitches and workshops.
10.  Bobby pins – for up ‘dos and the like.
11.  Safety pins – because you never know.
12.  Cute, publicly acceptable pajamas– because sometimes you need to make a run to the ice machine in your loungewear.
13.  Clothes – because you’ll get arrested if you don’t wear any.
14.  Shoes – because they’re awesome, but also because it’s gross to go without except on the beach or your home.
15.  Foot numbing spray – you’ll need it if you follow the advice of the previous post.
16.  Band-Aids or blister covers – ditto.
17.  Eye drops -
18.  Physician’s Formula yellow & green highlighter –
19.  Make-up – We all wear it in different ways and amounts, but it’s good to at least wear some.
20.  Make-up Remover and Toiletries –Don’t sleep in your game face and a long hot shower in the morning is heeeeaven!
21.  CASH – because hotel bars may not take plastic and taxis rarely do.

Now for the strictly writer stuff…

22.  Business cards – take them with you EVERYWHERE. We mean this literally.
23.  Post it note – to write your pitch appointments on and stick to the back of your conference badge for easy reference.
24.  Your pitch on a note card – in case you draw a blank during your appointment.
25.  Notebook & pen – for the awesome workshops and other info you pick up at everything from Q&As to waiting in the Starbuck’s line.
26.  Shoulder bag – to carry all your writer gear.

That should cover it. Good luck and Fun Vibes to everyone attending! See you in a few days!


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Item no. 482.) the kitchen sink. :)

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