Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Survive a Writers' Conference in Style: Vol. 6

We've had a week to sleep off the craziness of Moonlight and Magnolias Writers' Conference.  So, now that we're settled back into real life, let's glam it up for a few minutes! These were some of our favorite shoes of the conference...

Darcy Drake and Jenna Patrick added a splash of color to the day Friday with their eye-catching shoes.

Tamera LeBlanc rocked these studded heels, showing off her awesome ink in the process.

Hillary Raymer had some bling; and we do love the bling here on the M shelf!

And more sparkles with Tanya Michaels!  (Also shown are my toes along with McGovy's peacock sparkle shoes.  Are we surprised at this much bling?  Not really.)

Even more sparkles with Anna DeStefano!  

And now I get to show off the M shelf boots.  Yeah, they're pretty fabulous, aren't they? *dreamy sighs*

And more dreamy sighs...

We had a great time at the conference! Stay tuned for more conference style pictures.  Do you have a favorite?  Right now my favorite shoes are the comfy Uggs I have on--with no heel. :) 


Jeanette said...

I haven't worn heels for a week. The best part about looking fabulous is getting to...*not* when it's over.

Rock on with your Uggs, ladies.

Heather McGovern said...

I've enjoyed rocking the flip flops and ballet flats for the last week + :) I love heels and K.A. boots, but I couldn't rock them 365, that's for damn sure!

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