Monday, December 17, 2012

A Merry McGovern Christmas (Part 1)

Here on the M Shelf we've decided to share some seasonal cheer through pics and a few words. It's been a long, quiet autumn 'round these parts, but with these holiday posts we hope to start down a fun, fresh avenue on the M Shelf Blog.  More to come on that, but for now, let's warm up with a big cup of hot chocolate (extra marshmallows of course, maybe a smidge of Bailey's) and flip through some pics of McGovy's Christmas Cottage.

First, my tree. I can't do a real tree (though I love them) because of alleries. My favorite are the tinsel trees of the 1970s. COVET THEM! But have you seen the price on the vintage ones?! I shall save up and invest in one later on. Last year, I saw the next best thing. A silver pre-lit tree. The spotlight shone, the cherubs sang, and I walked out of Garden Ridge with my very own "disco tree."  I also have a predisposition toward anything that glitters or sparkles, frogs, the color red, and nerdy sci-fi/fantasy stuff. And hence, my tree:

Yes, that'd be the Millenium Falcon and Vader's TIE fighter on my tree. I hang them proudly. I also have the orginal Star Trek Shuttlecraft from Hallmark w/ Leonard Nimoy voice over.

My son also likes to add his touch here and there. Ere go, Thomas & Friends make guest appearances on the lower branches.

My other Christmas weaknesses are gingerbread/sugarland themed items and snowmen. Oh, and my balls. I love my balls!

My Mitford Snowmen collection. Tried a little Instagram imaging on them. Nice, eh? That's about as artsy as I get.

I hope you've enjoyed a peak into my odd Christmas collection. If you know me, it makes perfect sense. Stay tuned this week for an EMichels Christmas and part 2 of my pics - Cookies & Booze: The extent of my holiday recipes.

Happy Holidays!


Elizabeth Michels said...

I love your balls too! *winks* LOL Your disco tree is awesome! Mine is sort of the opposite. It's crazy that our trees sum up who we are and even what we write, but they do. I'll post my pics tomorrow. :)

Cassie said...

LOVE YOUR TREE!!!! So pretty and bright!

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