Thursday, December 27, 2012

M Shelf Year in Review

It's almost time for 2013 to make her grande entrance. 2012 was an exciting year for these authors of the M Shelf. We look forward to making 2013 even better! Here's a pictorial journey through the events that made this year a great one. =)
In March there were the tiaras we bought as part of a workshop. It has to do with learning about a stronger Big Black Moment. It fits in, I swear. Totally not just an excuse to wear tiaras. Nuh uh!
In April we were hanging out along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway with fellow Badgirl, Jeanette Gray. Note the guardrail? These pieces of wood are veeeery important! (This is also the photo that inspired our M Shelf "We need to eat healthier" plan for the remainder of the year and for the rest of our lives.) ;-)

It's May and EMichels got an agent!!! We went out with all the Badgirlz to celebrate the great news!

Girlz Night!

In August we hit Atlanta for some Moonlight & Magnolias shopping. We needed a snack break and there was something on the menu called a Cotton Candy Cosmo. Who am I to say no? (No, this is not a part of the M Shelf "We need to eat healthier" plan, but when shopping it's okay to make exceptions.)
Obligatory visit and photo op at the Mall of Georgia B&N M Shelf.

It's October and time for Moonlight & Magnolias! The eating healthier has paid off too. =)

The Conferencemobile! You'd think it's game day with how excited we are. Note the bracelet on the back left side of the bumper? This was my "OMG Congrats on your book deal!" gift to EMichels. It fell victim to a drive off after she left it on the bumper in an excited rush towards Atlanta. Luckily, it was found in the yard by my mother later that day.  It was spared injury and now makes appearances at many writer events. I point this out because it's little moments like this we'll never forget. Why be normal and never have jewelry drama?!

Packed to the gills with vital things like foot numbing spray and water.

At dinner that first night. Too giddy to sleep.

The fabulous Darcy Drake and her Tom Collins.

Dar Photobomb level: Boss

My favorite pic from the conference: Silver Spoons! Yeah, so there may have been wine consumed by this point.

At the CRW Flower Ceremony, celebrating everyone's accomplishments. Two roses for the books we sold this year! Yay!

Celebrating a fabulous year with the Badgirlz and wishing for many more to come!
So long 2012!!!


Elizabeth Michels said...

What a great year! And with 2013 right around the corner, I can't wait to see what it has in store for us...M shelf world domination? A girl can dream. :)

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