Monday, February 11, 2013

E. Michels' Mountain Adventure

This weekend was for celebrating!

Last week I sent my manuscript off to my critique partners which was reason enough to do the happy dance, but it was also my Dad's birthday on Saturday!  He has a log home we call Big Moose Lodge up in the mountains, so of course that's where we headed to meet up with family and celebrate.  We left on Thursday afternoon and by the time we were halfway there, it looked a little like this:

Looks like fun, right?   And it would have been fun if I hadn't had a death grip on the passenger seat while my Dad tried to slide off the side of the road.  One of his headlights on his Jeep was out and he doesn't see well at night to begin with.  I seriously thought this might be the end.  But, we survived and arrived at Big Moose.  *sighs of relief*   It was freezing up on the mountain.  While we opened up the house and brought the luggage inside, the little monkey piled up pillows in a corner by a heat vent and curled up with his IPad. This was where I found him.  *grins*

The next morning we woke up to snow, and here in the South we take any opportunity we can find to play in the snow! 

Later that evening Mr. Alpha Male, one of my brothers and his 3 boys arrived after getting off work and driving up to meet us.  We celebrated!

And in opposition to what is normal, my dad gave me a gift.  Coolest gift ever! It's an antique book printed in 1917 that belonged to my grandmother.  It's sayings of the 1700's, and its' contents will most definitely make an appearance in my next book. Yay!

The next day we went to a really cute park with a playground and let the little ones run off some energy.  I have no pictures of this because it was so stinkin' cold I didn't want to take my hands out of my jacket pockets.  Trust me, it was a lovely park with a mountain stream running through it and the kids were cute. *winks*

We went to grab some lunch from our favorite local restaurant before we got on the road to return to the real world.  I'm including this picture because it makes me laugh.  This was Mr. Alpha Male's attempt to annoy some hippies in the parking lot by parking his Hummer beside their VW Bus.  LOL

And once inside, I had to pose with my favorite dude in the restaurant...

I had a great time celebrating with my family over the past few days.  So, what did you do this weekend?


Heather McGovern said...

I potty trained a 3 year old. Sorry, there shan't be any pics. LOL.

Also went to a writers' meeting, played outside half a day Sunday, completed mostly all of my domestic goddess duties, and got sucked into awesome makeup tutorials while waiting on The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey to start.

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! Glad you got some snow. Fun timez & great pics!

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