Monday, February 4, 2013

My Cast of Crazy Characters

In the spirit of character sketches by Darcy Drake and Emichels, I bring you the cast of characters from my Fianna Series. A motley group that I hope will entertain readers sometime in the reasonably near future. (reasonably in publishing means sometime before 2020. lol)

By the way, after listening to Legal Issues for Writers tidbits from the Carolina Romance Writers meeting, I feel I should add: These characters (not the images of the actors/models) are copyrighted by me. I adore them, but trust me, they're all a lot of trouble so no one else should want to wrangle them but me. =)

Sawyer - my reckless, lovable, jabbermouth Fianna.
(Ryan Reynolds all day long)

 Kinsey - my loner oracle with a streak of fierceness.
(Katie except with Zooey's eyes)

Cian - my  Fianna with a hot temper, good heart, and love of brawling.
(Gerry's looks, but Cian is Irish, so the dry wit and wile is more Jason O'Mara)

Hannah - sweet, naive civilian struggling to put her life back together.
(Martine McCutcheon)

Maddox - the stoic druid who insists on carrying the world on his shoulders, alone.
(Joe Manganiello, including hieght, piercing eyes, and sharp features)

Brenna - druid priestess, peace love & take no sh*t, life long friend, lost love.
(the softer side of Charlize)

Connor - loyal, white knight Fianna and the only one with a level head.
(Trevor Donovan)

Vaughn - the dangerous, haunted half brother and dark druid in rehab. Poor junkie.
But OMG the beauty! It burns!!!
(Miguel Iglesias)

Gwen - Hannah's free spirit sister, but with brown eyes.
(Jennifer Lawrence)

Tommy - bar back & short order cook at Cian's pub.
(Josh Todd of Buckcherry)

Bran & Sceolan - Maddox's Irish Wolfhounds

The Baddies:
(I will say these aren't right, but it's all I have. My villains are so specific, so clear in my mind, that nothing is wholly them except what's on the page. These give a basic idea though.)

by hybridgothica on deviantart. Brilliant!


Elizabeth Michels said...

LMAO that you included the dogs. Love it! And your hotties need to see paper sooner that 2020 and they will! Just sayin'. I can't wait to read the whole series!! :)

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