Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring 2013 Wish List

I'm probably not alone in saying I'm ready for spring. Winter in the South isn't harsh, but it's still winter. Meh. I'm over the cold, the COLDS, the short days, the dry heating in my house making my eyes and sinuses unhappy. Yeah, so ready for spring! There is much I hope to accomplish this spring and a few treats I want to get for myself.  Below is my oddly assorted wish list for this spring. All tangible because I can't  post cool pics of the intangibles I long for (like warmer weather, less allergic reactions to pollen, and no sinus infections. HA!).

First, I've recently started coveting the Naked Palette from Urban Decay.  Relaxing one Sunday evening, waiting for The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey to start up, I found myself surfing through a series of make-up tutorial videos on YouTube. (I love make-up!). There are so many different looks one can achieve with this 12 color palette. Can't wait to pick one up for myself!

Next up is my tax refund present to the household (but mainly to me). A Lenovo U410 Ideapad. It does everything I need and, with an added external hard drive, it's all we need to be our "home" computer too. The Irishman and Li'l Man are all about the iPad, so this will probably be mine alone. (heh heh) AND it's red!

No, not the beach - though I'd take that as a gift too! - a set of adirondack chairs. I want at least two, in red, to go in my wall garden. Li'l man's sand box and dirt play area is over there and I want a pretty place to sit and relax while he plays dump trucks and helicopter rescue. How funky cool are the backs of these too? Love!

Potted lemon grass. Many pinners on Pinterest swear this helps keep the mosquitos away. Our back yard is 2/3rds a wooded lot. Ere go TONS of skeeters. They don't like me, but they loooove the Irish blood of my husband and son. I hope to get about six planters of various heights and set them up all along my wall garden.

That's not my yard. I WISH! The point of the pic is landscaping. My birthday gift from my mom is to have the yard worked on (ie. grass sowed in places grass won't grow, clearing out our gorgeous fire pit area at the edge of the woods, the liriope layed out to make a lovely border, etc.) I can't wait!

Finally, a small corner desk for the guest room so that I may have a teeny tiny writer's area carved out in the house. Right now there's a unit, way too big and bulky, with stuff piled everywhere like a paper catch all from hell. We will actually have guests this summer, so I want to tidy up that space and make it a presentable, welcoming room for visitors a well as a workable area for the biz side of my writing.

That covers it for me!  What are your spring wishes?  
Write on,


Elizabeth Michels said...

I'm adding your lemon grass to my wish list too. Do you think it really works? Skeeters looooove me. But I don't love them at all! You have to post pics of your yard makeover when you start working on it. :) Can't wait to see it!

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