Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Forward!

I woke up on Tuesday of last week, sniffed the air twice, and knew. Spring is here! Allergy season is here! :) Don't get me wrong, I love spring. It used to be my favorite season. Once I became an allergy sufferer, summer became my favorite season because it's the one time of year I'm symptom free. Now, thanks to Zyrtec and ongoing allergy immunization shots, I hope spring will reign supreme once more.

Why, oh why, do I love spring?

I love the longer days. I love the little flowers all over my yard, belligerent in their push up through the layer of dead leaves, insistent upon the sun.

I love walking out to my car in the morning and not shivering. I love leaving the coat behind and sitting in the sun. I love the budding oaks and dogwoods, though my sinuses do not. I love playing in the yard with my son, doing a lot of this:

I love the fresh start and new promise that hangs in the air. I even love spring cleaning! Cleaning the house, cleaning the mind, cleaning out the clutter both figurative and literal. It's the perfect time to wrap up old projects and begin a new. That's exactly what I'm doing. Today I officially begin a new novel and pariticpate in #80khotfoot - a book race challenge over at We will motivate and keep each other accountable as we write our new books and push to The End by summer. It seems so fitting that these will be our books of spring. Our promising, brand new book babies.

Happy Spring!


Elizabeth Michels said...

Book babies!!!! I'm so glad we're starting new books together! Although I fear I do not possess that motherly glow everyone talks about this morning. LOL

I love your flowers! I transplanted my irises yesterday and now I'm crossing my fingers that they bloom this year. Yay Spring!! (sniff sniff)

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