Monday, March 4, 2013

The Importance of The Weekend Getaway

I don't know how you feel, but this working mom and writer needs a break from time to time. The cure for an over-full plate and too many To Dos is a couple of days to hang out with little to no responsibility.

Twice a year, my childhood friends and I get together for a weekend. We've done everything from going nowhere - just downtown in the city we live in - to cruises around the Caribbean. This time we went to good ole Myrtle Beach. As always, MB is good for a cultural laugh and people watching.

We drove down Friday afternoon. Here's how excited JD and I were on the way:

The obligatory welcome to MB Book in the hotel. What is it about hotels on the main strip of MB? No matter how expensive or upscale, there's still that same "we're SOOO in Myrtle Beach" feel. If you've been, you know what I mean!

The view was awesome. There was a swim up bar, though no one was interested in the Polar Bear swim.

We went out to a piano bar Friday night. I don't remember it being this dark!

Lots of dancing at this table. They played the Time Warp! It's been awhile, but I still remember every word and all the moves~! LOL. (If you know it, you know you're singing it right now in your head. I remeeeember!)

Me and KA.

The next morning was a day of beach strolling and chit chatting. It was perf weather for the hot tub and mimosas!

I meant to take a group pic Saturday because we dressed up and went to a nice sushi dinner. But you know how sometimes you're having too much fun and too busy talking to remember pics? This was one of those times. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! If you're feeling stressed and like you need a break from life - maybe weekend away is exactly what you need. =)



Elizabeth Michels said...

Looks awesome! I'm going to stow away in your luggage next time you go. ;) Moms need breaks and writers need breaks. So, writing moms need twice the normal amount of breaks. -E Michels' math. :)

Heather McGovern said...

Scary thing is, you might actually fit in my big duffel bag. Almost.;-) You could totally stow away! Next spring we're going to Cola in March for shopping on Friday and St. Patty's Saturday at 5 Points. You miiiiiiight wanna consider it! :D It promises to be one blast of a getaway!

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