Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - The Year of the M

This year isn't about resolutions. It's about goals and action. Sure, life is going to derail us at times - that's practically an absolute - but we both have plans in place for the year overall.  Our thinking is if we share them with the universe (aka Blogosphere), then it's out there. It's real. And we really have to do it.  Throughout the year we will revisit and see how we did. (Eek!)

McGovy's 2013 Action Plan

·         Go to Boxing/Kickboxing twice a week. Weight training once a week.
·         Eat healthier (cut back on carbs & follow #wkendrulez).
·         Query & submit the first two books of The Fianna Trilogy to my agent/editor List of Glory.
·         Take more pictures.
.    Focus on the positive.
·         Read at least a book a month (I've gotten shamefully behind on my TBR pile).

E Michels’ Goalzzzzz…zz…z ;)



1.   I will read more.  It seems like I’ve been too busy to read lately which makes me sad.  I love curling up with a good book!  Why am I not making more time to read?  So, I vow it here in print.  In the New Year I will read at least one book a month.

2.    I will exercise 5 days a week.  This must happen.  #operationskinnyjeans

3.   I will write every day even if it’s only a few words because books don’t write themselves.

4.   I will not say the words, “What if…” Nothing fabulous ever follows these words, only devastation and ruin, so I am cutting them from my vocabulary.  No more worrying over circumstances that only exist in my imagination.  No more, I say! *hair flip*

5.   As the following goals are on my list every year, I feel the need to include them even though I know from past experience I will fail miserably.  Be prompt with all thank you notes, remember birthdays of friends and family, and begin every day with a freshly made bed. J
Okay 2013, let's do this!!!


Elizabeth Michels said...

Day 2 and I'm rocking my goalzzzz! Wrote words, ran miles and I made my bed! LOL

How are you doing, McGovy?

Heather McGovern said...

I wrote & edited and went to kickboxing. I kind of made my bed just as I kind of make it every morning. I kind of make my hotel bed for crying out loud! Just a pulling up of the sheets and blankie. I can't leave it a rumple! :D I know, it's weird.

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