Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Celebrate! Good Times! C'mon!

This weekend I celebrated a few awesome accomplishments, one of which is the completion of my second solo manuscript and the delivery of it to my critique group. Some people may consider this small, but for a writer it is huge! Plus, I'm a mom with a full time job. I take any excuse to get out.
Friday night was all about:


Mmmm Tex-Mex. SO YUMMY! Black bean hummus and pita bread! Cheesy layered dip! What’s not to love?
The downer is, if I celebrate by indulging in food & beverage, it often comes at a price. I have Ulcerative Colitis. If you don’t know what that is, just take my word - it's not fun.  With UC comes gluten and lactose intolerance (different from allergy in that I can have some of either, but only in certain forms and very limited). I’ve lived with UC for 13 years now. I know what I can and can’t do. But sometimes I’m so taken away by the reason and opportunity to celebrate, I forget all about my limitations and paaaaartay! The next day I feel like warmed over death and get b*tch slapped with the reminder that I am not “normal.” 

So Saturday I celebrated by getting back on the healthy wagon. I took Li’l Man to the store and did the weekly grocery shopping w/ health (not time constraints) foremost in my mind. I finally found plain quinoa (pronounced KEEN-WAH…I’ve wondered about this for awhile) to use for breakfast and lots of happy foods for my body. Ingles is now my favorite grocery store.
Saturday night was all about:

Love spa nights too. Facial & a home pedi. Ohmmmmmmmmmmm.
Sunday I felt TONS better. The weather was perfection. We spent most of the day outside in the yard or on the deck.

While Li’l Man napped, I worked on the plot for Book 3. How do you best celebrate finishing a book? Write another one!

It's Tuesday and I’m still on the healthy eating wagon. M Shelf Shopping season will be here soon. I want to look great and feel even better. I know I won’t eat like a health guru every day, but the important thing for me is to make healthy eating the rule, not the exception.  Happy Tuesday Morning y’all!!!


Elizabeth Michels said...

I can't wait for M Shelf shopping season!!!!! It looks like you had an awesome weekend! Congrats, you deserve it! :)

Jeanette said...

Plotting + Hello Kitty slippers + Coffee sounds ideal. (Not to mention, having your deck not be covered in snow.)

Envy and congrats for the good times and celebrating, sympathies for the aftermath, and pom-poms for all the good, healthy decisions and planning for the next book.

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