Monday, January 7, 2013

My Favorite Things

One of my goals for 2013 is to focus more on the positive and not ruminate on the negative. It's in that spirit that I want to start a quarterly (or so) tradition of looking at the things that make me happy. Some are small and seem trivial, but they really do make me smile.  Other items on the list are tangible and materialistic, while many make up the good stuff in life that's immeasurable. These are a few of my favorite things:

1. Coldstone Creamery Sweet Cream Creamer - I know it's just coffee creamer, but it is THE BEST coffee creamer. This is how I start my days and the day is better with perfectly nommy coffee.  I've tried every creamer out there and this tops all. Second best is using Baileys, but I'm back on #wkendrulez so the Irish Cream is only for conferences and fun weekends away.

2. My boys - by this I mean my Li'l Man (son) and my Irishman (husband). They're my blessings and my life lessons. Marriage and family raising isn't for sissies, but my joy is wrapped up in them. Laughing with my boys is one of life's greatest pleasures and I'm lucky because they are both goofy beyond belief.

3. Lancome Doll Lashes mascara - I am a make-up fanatic. I loooove make-up. In another life, I'd move to Hollywood and be a make-up artist. I lack any major skill as it is, but I enjoy trying. Eye make-up is my favorite and I'm very picky about my mascara. I like dramatic lashes, but not spider eyes. I've tried all kinds and this stuff is amazing. Yeah, it's Lancome so it ain't cheap, BUT I buy it when they do free gifts so the $30 also buys me lip gloss, eye shadow, lipstick, hand cream, a small mascara, and a tiny travel eye cream. Well worth the $20 extra for killer lashes.

4. Action Movies with Romance - This may surprise exactly no one, but my favorite movies are ones with a lot of action and a love story. Narky humor is a plus. I thought about my movie faves the other day and it's no wonder I write what I write.  But seriously! The Best movies ever have both. LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and smaller hits like Romancing the Stone, Bourne Identity and Legacy, 300, and I won't keep listing awesome movies because I could go on all day.

5. Rainstorms - Not the end of days, torrential wind downpours that get scary, but the steady soaks that make for perfect napping and *ahem* other stuff weather. The best is a spring or summer rain because you can still get outside in it. Living in Charleston for years, I was caught in many a pop-up shower. Once you're drenched, there's no point in caring, so why not enjoy being stuck outside in a cool rain? I still splash in puddles and laugh at the fact I still can't remember my umbrella.

That's all for today. If your Monday gets you down, try stopping and thinking of at least five things that make you happy. Feel free to share it here as well. =) I hope it will improve your day!


Elizabeth Michels said...

I love your list! I needed a little happy after a looooong Monday. :) I'm totally going to try that mascara! I'll post my list next week. But, for now, after just misspelling mascara twice, I'm saying spell check is on my list for sure. Great post! :)

Jeanette said...

Action + romance = win.

My futuristic stories tend to have a fair amount of action, and every time I write one, I think to myself, damn! Action scenes are a lot of work! Why do I do this to myself? Then the next story I work on will be a straight-up contemporary, and I think to myself, damn! Plot progression without action scenes is a lot of work! Why do I do this to myself?

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